Treeviver Founders: William Otvos, Ray Brown

Treeviver Founders: William Otvos, Ray Brown


As a musician, composer and media producer, NUQIK founder Ray Brown has been privileged to travel to some amazing places our world has to offer. When Ray thought he had seen (and done) it all, Ray would find himself on yet another adventure that rivals the previous one. It has been well over a decade since Ray last visited South America, parading as a 'carnival partying' tourist.

In 2011, Ray came as director of a project that is as important as anything he had ever done. Via Rio de Janeiro and Juina - MT, reforestation of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil is the act Ray has taken on as a partner of Treeviver, while documenting people, places and 'all living things' he cross paths with, along the way.

Dr. William Otvos is a partner in our reforestation efforts. With his financial contribution, fluency in 4 languages and an unwavering desire to restore and protect the rainfor­est, William is undoubtedly the anchor of our team.

Ray is always looking for contribution to a worthy cause. So donate!