by Ray Brown

I've traveled throughout North America, South America, Asia and Europe for over 10 years as a musician, songwriter and producer. When I first set foot in London, I knew early on I would have longterm stays in Europe some day. In 2001, an American-Hungarian friend came to visit me while I was on a world tour with a band I was performing with at the time. Having worked so long in the music industry, I was slowly losing interested in touring and wanted to pursue other passions. My friend asked if I would like to come visit Hungary (where he lived for over a year). He had nothing but great things to say about the country. Being the perfect time in my life for a transition, I gladly accepted the invite and months later I was on a plane bound for Central Europe. My idea was to stay for a few weeks to see if I would like it. From Budapest to Bucharest, from Vienna to Zagreb, I found the environment and people I met to be amazing. The few weeks I planned to stay, turned into a few months. For well over a decade, I continue to travel back and forth, from my hometown of Los Angeles to my adopted city of Budapest.

I've often wondered why in this day and age of Social Media, so much undiscovered talent still exist around the world. With successful European bands like The Carbonfools, Cloud 9+, Ivan & The Parazol (and other music artist) as well as outstanding fashion designers such as Zoltan Herczeg, Eszter Aron and Aarion Clothing to name a few, I've asked myself why is it so difficult for talent to break into the global marketplace, especially my country of origin - United States of America. After building relationships with various talent across the local Hungarian music, film and fashion scene, I've come to the conclusion that the lack of access to the International marketplace can be part of the problem. Another challenge seems to be 'the message' getting lost in foreign languages. Before coming to Budapest, I did most of my research on the internet to learn more about Hungary. I wasn't interested in obtaining knowledge from US websites or books from American books, but from real people in the country. However, the deeper I researched the more the language changed from English to Hungarian (Magyar). Few of the social media sites including Facebook and Twitter, had any English content to offer non-Hungarian speaking people. It makes complete sense to have literature (physical print or Internet) in the language of a particular country. From an international standpoint however, the lack of English can be the deciding factor why most talent never reaches the eyes and ears of the USA and beyond. Furthermore, the literature that is available in English can sometimes feel like the author of the article isn't a native English speaker, which can also contribute to limited exposure. Lack of success on a global scale has little to do with the level of talent and skill that exist around the world, but more to do with the rest of the world not having access to engaging English-based literature exposing exceptional talent.

For over a decade, I've invested my time, effort, experience and money in the pursuit of creating a pathway of worldwide exposure and opportunity. I've gained much experience from my lengthy stays in Europe, which has led me to the planning and building of my startup company NUQIK, LLC. (USA-based company). The objective of NUQIK is threefold:

1. Exposure - NQ shares up-to-date news stories and information about top talent in music, fashion and film - in American English.

2. Web Shop (USA) - NQ represents and facilitates the online sales of digital music and products to the North American consumer (United States and Canada).

3. Collaboration - As the marketing and selling of products to the American marketplace increase, interested parties will inevitably cause major business opportunities for NUQIK.com partners. US-based companies expressing interest in doing business could be advantageous toward the success of the 'NUQIK partners' on a global scale. As these opportunities present themselves, we will work with the local management to build business relationships in the USA marketplace and beyond.

It is my belief that there is nothing impossible about having international success as a fashion designer or music artist or filmmaker living in Hungary and any other part of the world. I believe NUQIK can be a gateway for making this a profitable reality. I am always open to partnering with anyone with similar objectives. Investment opportunities are welcomed. If you have an interest in the activities described in this mission statement, send me an email anytime.

Thank you for reading,

-Ray Brown
Email: ray@nuqik.com 

PHOTOS INCLUDE (click on images to enlarge & names for more info):
The Carbonfools' - Feher Balazs & Titusz Bicskei (Music; HU), Eddie Cibrian (Actor; USA), Traci Bingham (Actress; USA), Peter Winkler (Model; HU), Adian Paul (Actor; USA), Gabi Knoll (Music; HU), Bruce Willis (Actor; USA), Viktoria (Music/Model; USA) Eric Burdon (Music; USA), Ivan & The Parazol (Music; HU), Meaku (Music; USA), Willie Nelson (Music; USA), Mary Popkids' - Kamau Makumi (Music; HU), Zoltan Herczeg (Fashion Designer; HU), John Hurt (Actor; UK), Miklos Malek (Music Producer, HU/USA), Eurythmics - Dave Stewart (Music; UK/USA) Founder of WAR & father Harold Brown (Music; USA) and various photos of Ray including onstage performances. 

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VIDEO: Fehér Balázs világsztár lesz?

"Jól énekel, jól néz ki, és pontosan tudja, mitől döglik a légy."

Azzonal lenyűgözte Ray Brown, zenei producert Fehér Balázs, mikor a férfi először meglátta őt a színpadon. Szerinte minden megvan benne, ami ahhoz kell, hogy befusson külföldön is, és a saját feladatának vallja, hogy megismertesse a zenészt a világgal.